Flavor Band ATL

Frequently Asked Questions

For most weddings and private parties, the band plays three one-hour shows with two 25-minute breaks. The last show is 1 hour and 10 minutes long. With our four 45-minute shows, there are three 20-minute breaks.

Yes! We play music via iPad during breaks.

Yes! You’re welcome to bring your own I-device to play during breaks.

Please check the songs you like and X the ones you don’t like, and we’ll play as many as we can
throughout the night.

Yes! We will learn up to 3 songs that are not on our song list for your event. All songs must be submitted no later than a month prior to the event. 

We like to arrive at the venue two to four hours prior to the event to make sure there are no unexpected problems. It normally takes up to two hours to set up/sound check for our standard production. For the big production package, it takes two to three hours to set up/sound check. *The band can set up and sound check within an hour on room flip.

For formal events, the band wears tuxedos and gowns. For semi-formal and casual events, the band wears the appropriate attire.

Yes! We introduce wedding parties, birthdays, anniversaries, cake cutting, bouquet toss, fundraisers, and other special activities.

Yes, we do take special requests.

We do prefer a stage, but we understand some places don’t have the space, so we can often play without it.

Yes! We play I-Device for cocktail hour. However, for an extra cost, we offer a single keyboard player,
duo or trio for 45 minutes to an hour upon request.